Projet Radiophonique - Mother Earth Day April 22nd

Projet mené par Mme Clarisse Lauga, Agrégée d'anglais du LGT Robert Weinum de Saint-Martin.

L'ensemble est organisé dans le cadre de la Semaine de la Presse et de la Journée Internationale de la Terre.

Les élèves ont été invités à proposer des enregistrement de publicités radiophoniques en ayant recours à divers modes d'expression: des dialogues, du rap, des chansons.


Affiche a été réalisée par une de ces élèves, Cozier Méjenna de 2nde 7. (en pièce jointe)


Students wrote their own text to create their own radio ad to make people aware of environmental issues


RADIO Project

How did we make our radio ads?

This project was put together to make people aware of environmental issues. At the beginning of the year we started to learn about the Earth. What it is for you? For me it’s my home and I have learned that if we don’t act now before it’s too late we’re going to lose it all.

The students of the Cite? scolaire LGT Robert Weinum wrote their own song, rap and dialogues to express themselves and give their opinions, using their voices.

However it wasn’t easy. We had to create our text in lockdown because of the coronavirus. We used our phones, our own equipment, all distance


Comments about the project:

For LJ of the 2nde7: “The project was good but I’m not a big fan of recording myself, it’s a way to spread the problems that not everyone sees such as climate change and pollution.

The radio ad helped me to be more confident with my voice.”

For HJ of the 2nde8: “The project cultivated my skills to effectively use word. With this project I also learned how to call to an action and how to properly script an ad. In my opinion this project was very virtuous due to the fact that I stepped out of my comfort zone by managing my tone and using my personality to reach the audience. In conclusion, I really liked the project seeing that it was challenging.”

For SB of the 2nde10: “The project was interesting and enjoyable to learn about environmental issues. It helped us further our knowledge about pollution, Mother Nature, the planet and our beautiful island. Doing a song, a rap or a radio ad was very interesting because it was fun and we could warn other people about the issues that we need to change.”