We don't share the same beliefs.

“Religion is like a pair of shoes.....Find one that fits for you, but don't make me wear your shoes.”  -George Carlin

Some of us are afraid to be judged because of our religion, but after these attacks we fear for our lives and freedom. The fact that we have to be afraid of our personal choices is devastating, although we're all entitled to our personal opinion and decisions (within the frame of the law), we are scared. I find it crazy how fear can control our lives. We should feel free to worship or not the god of our choice without being scared.

France is known for its infamous terrorist attacks for religion issues and disagreements. For instance the Charlie Hebdo incident on January 7th 2015, among those 12 deaths, 11 employees of the newspaper lost their lives by a group of extremists who claim their link with ISIS. Although the extremists were offended by the “disrespectful” drawing of their prophet, I personally don't see why they would go to that extent.

This behavior and violence for the freedom of personal/religious  choice should stop NOW, or we'll soon be attacking one another for our thoughts.

J.F. 1ère L Cité Scolaire Robert Weinum, Collectivité de Saint-Martin, Guadeloupe