Mur de la liberté d'expression

January 11th 2015. This date is the date that every French citizen in particular remembers.

Do we still live in fear from the attacks til this day? How can we reassure that this fear that lies into the hearts of all French citizen goes away?
France is known to be very diverse and multicultural which shows that it accepts everyone. The freedom of speech is accepted also because the Charlie Hebdo business was very much legal. However when they decide to publish magazines about real life and things that are happening they get attacked?
Following this attack every one that lives in France lives in fear, even outsiders that were thinking about going there are now afraid to step foot in this country. The fear is still very much alive and will continue to be if we don't do anything about it.

We want to be ourselves and free from fear !

We live in a world where fear is omnipresent because of the violence,the wars, the attacks, the threats and even deaths are happening everyday and everywhere around the world. We are afraid of not waking up the next day because we live in an unsafe world where the unexpected can happen.
At this moment, terrorism has to be the biggest fear for mankind. The extremist group attacked Charlie Hebdo and killed 11 journalists and an officer on January 7th 2015.

The freedom from fear.

Freedom, the state of being free to determine your actions without any restraints. The Freedom to not be afraid in our day and age after the many attacks is rather impossible due to the fact that fear is always present. Should we remain living in fear after the incidents?

After the attacks in Paris last year, that question has been ever-present in our lives. Not one but two attacks months apart and in the same location. How can we not live in fear after so many incidents? We are left to question if there will ever be a day where we can live without looking behind our backs because of our paranoia.