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Niveau B1+

Pays : Angleterre

Type de production orale : Interaction 

Durée de l'enregistrement : 2 minutes et 30 secondes

Transcription :

Multicultral Society

- Hello it’s nice to meet you; can you tell me your name and your ethnic background?

- Hi I’m Yasmin, I was born in London but my family are Jamaican. What’s your name and what’s your ethnic background.

- My name’s josh and my dad is originally from Malaysia which is in South East Asia, my mum is from Yorkshire in the North of England and I grew up and was born in London.

- Yasmin can you tell me what multiculturalism means to you in London?

- Multiculturalism means to me that London is a place that welcomes many different types of people from around the world and I love living in London because you find a lot of people from West Africa, East Africa, South East Asia, there’s a large West Indian community and I think London reflects the many different types of people living in England.

- Yes I agree with that and for me multiculturalism represents the diverse range of food we have in London from curry in Brick Lane to Chinese food in China Town so for me London is a fantastic melting pot.

- Yes I love living in London and I think that we have a lot to show people and London is a place that embraces everyone and everyone is welcome

- Fantastic it was nice to meet you Yasmin, I hope to see you again

- I hope to see you again too, take care

- Byeeee

- Bye josh

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