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Pays : USA

Type de production orale : Expression Orale en Continu (E.O.C.)

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A great holiday for all ages in America is halloween. Halloween takes place on October 31st.
For children, it is a day to dress up in a costume and be anything they want to be - firefighters,
doctors, witches, zombies, angels etc. In the evening, the streets are filled with children who are
trick-or-treating. Trick-or-treating is when children wear their costumes and go to all the houses
in the neighborhood to collect candy. At the end of the night, kids usually come home with a
huge bag full of candy. For most kids, it’s one of their favorite days of the year.
For adults, halloween is just as fun. Adults partake in disguising themselves in costumes as
well. Most people will go to a halloween party where there is a costume contest. At the end of
the night, a panel of judges votes on the best halloween costume and that person wins a great
Another thing that is common during halloween for both children and adults are haunted
houses. They are scary houses designed by a group of people. You walk through the house and
employees disguised in costumes jump out and scare you.


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