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Checking in at the Airport




Checking In at the Airport

Agent: Good afternoon Sir. May I have your passport please.

Man: Here you go.

Agent:  Thank you, How many luggage will you be checking on?

Man: 2 pieces.

Agent: Do you have a carry on with you?

Man: Yes I do.

Agent: Could you kindly place your bags on the scale.

Man: Ok.

Agent: Now, were you the one who packed your bags?

Man: Yes of course

Agent: Do you have any liquids or sharp objects in your carry on?

Man: Yes.

Agent:  Uh! You will need to put any liquid or sharp objects in your checked luggage as those items are not allowed in your carry on.

Man: Ok I will do that now.

Agent: Here is your boarding pass. You will be sitting in15D which is a window seat. Boarding time is at 2pm at gate 10; Do enjoy your flight.

Man: Thanks and have a great day.

Agent: thank you


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