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Niveau B1

Pays : Angleterre

Type de production orale : Expression Orale en Continu (E.O.C.)

Durée de l'enregistrement : 1 minutes et 30 secondes

Transcription :


I was a Games Maker during the London 2012 Games. I worked in the security team at the main site in Stratford. A ‘‘Games Maker’’ is the name given to the Olympic volunteers at the different Olympic sites. I worked at the main park in Stratford, but there were also Games Makers at Wembley Stadium and at the Excel Centre. We wore an Adidas uniform, designed by Stella McCartney. Our t shirts were burgundy and red, beige trousers and grey trainers that were especially designed to be lightweight as we did a lot of walking at the stadium. We were also given a waterproof jacket, umbrella, bag and water bottle. On each shift at the Games, we were also given a new pin badge. I worked alongside the army and navy, at the main gate in Stratford, checking bags and removing liquids from people’s bags. I was also able to watch the women’s diving event in the Aquatics Centre.I had a fantastic time being a Games Maker and felt very privileged to be part of history!

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