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Notting Hill Carnival

The Notting Hill Carnival is one of London’s biggest annual events. It lasts for two days, from August 30th to the 31st throughout the streets of west London. It first began in 1964 and it is inspired by the carnival in Trinidad. The carnival is a wonderful display of the vibrant Caribbean culture which can be seen through the calypso and soca music and dances. Every year, the carnival attracts more than 500,000 people.

Sunday is the more family friendly day of the carnival because there are only children’s parades. On the Monday, it’s the adult’s parades and there are usually more people who attend on this day. . The carnival is very cosmopolitan, with lots of different people playing lots of different styles of music, but I would really like everyone to enjoy more soca or calypso. Calypso was the original, like reggae, but then it moved on to soca, which is faster and more upbeat.

There are also sound systems located in the side streets, attracting many young people who enjoy being near to the speaker boxes where DJs play their own choices of music. These sound system areas are where young people go to dance with their friends. It’s like a big street party!

Food plays an important role in the carnival. Jerk chicken is one of the most popular choices, there is also roasted corn,  roti a (type of West Indian flatbread) filled with either curry goat, chicken or curried vegetables. This can be eaten with rice and peas, fried plantain and washed down with fresh coconut water or ginger beer. There are many stalls selling different types of food to purchase, not only of Caribbean food but other world cuisines such as Nigerian, Ghanaian, Thai, Mexican and Lebanese.

The carnival is a special time to be free, let your hair down and embrace the good vibes all around you!