We want to be ourselves and free from fear !

We live in a world where fear is omnipresent because of the violence,the wars, the attacks, the threats and even deaths are happening everyday and everywhere around the world. We are afraid of not waking up the next day because we live in an unsafe world where the unexpected can happen.
At this moment, terrorism has to be the biggest fear for mankind. The extremist group attacked Charlie Hebdo and killed 11 journalists and an officer on January 7th 2015.
That event triggered fear into the population in France. They killed people because they were expressing themselves. I mean don't we have the freedom of speech? And even before the Charlie Hebdo attack, terrorist attacked people for having a different religion as theirs, they killed children for being Jewish. How can you not be afraid of living knowing that people are being killed for being themselves?
We should be able to express ourselves and to believe in the god that we want to believe in freely and should not be afraid of it. We should be able to live with love, and equality and with no discrimination in order to be free from fear.

M.L. 1ère L Cité Scolaire Robert Weinum, Collectivité de Saint-Martin, Guadeloupe