Freedom of speech

“Freedom of speech” means that you can speak your opinions and thoughts, of course with restrictions because certain things can hurt people’s feelings.
In 2015 there was an attack in Paris and a few days after a peaceful march.
Is it important to commemorate those days or events?

The march that took place last year, January 11th 2015, in my opinion is an important date because it shows how united France is and by having millions of people and different heads of state it proves that whatever the situation is, they’ll support each other and come together in times of need.

The reason that March happened is because of what took place a few days before that, January 7th 2015, Charlie Hebdo a weekly satirical magazine was attacked.  In my opinion I found that it was kind of disrespectful, they should have respected people’s sensitive side but then France is a democratic country which means that they're non-religious so they can draw whatever they want to even though it might be offensive for other countries.

These events are important to commemorate because they won’t be forgotten. It’s something that needs to be known by our future generation and the one after.

A.J. 1ère L, Cité Scolaire Robert Weinum, Collectivité de Saint-Martin, Guadeloupe.