Freedom from fear is needed today because NOBODY deserves to live in fear !

January 11th 2015. This date is the date that every French citizen in particular remembers. Charlie Hebdo was attacked by terrorists. Why ? All because of what it published.

Do we still live in fear from the attacks til this day ? How can we reassure that this fear that lies into the hearts of all French citizens go away ?
France is known to be very diverse and multicultural which shows that it accepts everyone. The freedom of speech is accepted also because the Charlie Hebdo business was very much legal. However when they decide to publish magazines about real life and things that are happening they get attacked?
Following this attack every one that lives in France lives in fear, even outsiders that were thinking about going there are now afraid to step foot in this country. The fear is still very much alive and will continue to be if we don't do anything about it.
Therefore if people come together and comfort one another and if they do things that will possibly take their minds off this tragedy, there might be hope for less fear. The only way for it to happen is if France becomes what it used to be, which with all the events that have happened it is near to impossible. Freedom of speech is important however there needs to be a limit to avoid these kind of incidents. But if we stay united, love and accept one another, stop the discriminating, there is hope to regain our freedom from fear.

Freedom from fear is needed today because NOBODY deserves to live in fear!

N.F. 1ère L Cité Scolaire Robert Weinum, Saint-Martin, Guadeloupe