The freedom from fear.

Freedom, the state of being free to determine your actions without any restraints. The Freedom to not be afraid in our day and age after the many attacks is rather impossible due to the fact that fear is always present. Should we remain living in fear after the incidents?

After the attacks in Paris last year, that question has been ever-present in our lives. Not one but two attacks months apart and in the same location. How can we not live in fear after so many incidents? We are left to question if there will ever be a day where we can live without looking behind our backs because of our paranoia.

The attacks took place in normal locations that we shouldn't have to be afraid to go to; places that we frequent with our families, friends and loved ones; places that you would never consider dangerous.

We are encouraged to live our lives to the fullest, to travel, go out with our friends and just live but how can we do that when wherever we go there is always an invisible threat there waiting to pounce on us ?

Freedom from fear is a part of the 4 freedoms that were introduced by Franklin D. Roosevelt, 32rd president of the USA, on January 6th 1941 in his famous Four Freedoms speech during World War II. The latter portrays to us that fear and the need to overcome it has been present for centuries.

However, we shouldn't have that fear in our everyday mindset because at the end of the day if you keep that fear in your mind you wouldn't live your life as much as you would without it.

In a nutshell, no, we personally don't encourage you to remain living your life in fear, but on the contrary we encourage you to live by the Latin saying Carpe Diem.

T.B et A.H. 1ère L Cité Scolaire Robert Weinum, Collectivité de Saint-Martin, Guadeloupe