Freedom from Fear

“Our lives begin to an end the day we become silent about things that matter” M.L.K

January 7th 2015 was shocking experience for France,a terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo due to their satirical magazine which led to 11+1 death.
How can we make sure that Freedom of speech is respected?

Freedom of speech is one of the 4 freedoms, by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in which he states that freedom of speech is a human right to a voice, to express your opinion without fear.

The attack on the 7th later led to a march on the 11th reuniting 6 million people and 50 heads of state.The terrorist attack which was done to put fear in the French population, actually made us more united and ready to face whatever come next. The terrorist wanted us to hide and be afraid but what we really did was show courage and face the problem.

To conclude, to make sure freedom of speech is respected we should apply rules and more security for the population of France.

B.G/D.L 1ère L Cite scolaire Robert Weinum, Collectivité de Saint-Martin, Guadeloupe