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Multiculturalism > niveau B1+

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Niveau B1+

Pays : Angleterre

Type de production orale : Interaction 

Durée de l'enregistrement : 2 minutes et 30 secondes

Transcription :

Multicultral Society

- Hello it’s nice to meet you; can you tell me your name and your ethnic background?

- Hi I’m Yasmin, I was born in London but my family are Jamaican. What’s your name and what’s your ethnic background.

- My name’s josh and my dad is originally from Malaysia which is in South East Asia, my mum is from Yorkshire in the North of England and I grew up and was born in London.

The Royalty > niveau B1

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A few years ago, the royal family was not very popular. People were not interested after Diana’s death and thought the Royal Family was just a rich family who did nothing. Now, the young people love the Royal family. They love the story of Will and Kate and their marriage made everyone very excited again. On the day of the wedding, people hosted tea parties in their garden and celebrated all together. Others camped outside the palace and waited to see Will and Kate after their wedding! Baby George is now born and everyone is excited to see him grow up!