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Pays : USA

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Fourth of July

The Fourth of July, or Independence Day, is a very big celebration in the United States. It is a federal holiday commemorating the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain, which took place July 4th, 1776. On this day, nobody works. Because it takes place in the summer, we spend the day outside having a barbeque or a picnic with friends and family. We eat grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, & sausages with pasta, vegetables and fresh fruit. In the afternoon, most cities have a parade, a carnival or a concert. Decorations and the clothes that people wear are often red, white and blue - the colors of the American flag. On the night of July Fourth, every city has a big, public firework show that lasts up to an hour long. The firework show is usually accompanied by patriotic music, such as our National Anthem, the Star Spangled Banner. People can also purchase fireworks to use on their own. Fireworks can be heard all through the night as Americans celebrate. It is a fun day with friends and family that everyone looks forward to! For most, it is the highlight of the summer.